Dr. Mollie A. Price-Blackshear

Assistant Professor of Psychology


Interested inĀ Getting Involved in Research at UCA?
Research Methods Lab Presentations: Spring 2023
Franchelsa Francisco, Skylar Brooks, & Alexis Grandison: Groups & Housing: Relationship Between Racial Housing Discrimination & System Justification
Gracie Shelton, Erin Robinson, & Kayla Mitchell: The Relationship Between Systemic Discrimination and Gender Presentation
Hagan Austin, Emmerson Jasper, & Kyjai Miles: Racial Prejudice, SES, and Politics
Caleb Jenkins, Alex Broome, & Madelynn Collins: Disabilities & Attitudes
Research Methods Lab Presentations: Fall 2022
Eryka Jane Williams, Celia Tillery, Karcee Bonner, & Natalie Kutait: The Relationship Between Voting and Prejudice
Crystal Delgado Velez, Brooke MacDonald, Payton Wallace, & Emily Spickes: The Association Between Race & Police
Mark Cavender, Brody McFall, Charity Courtney, & Allie Dolan: The Relationship Between System Threat and Prejudice in Healthcare
Research Methods Lab Presentations: Spring 2022
Demaja Price, Destiny Rucker, Jada Washington, & Aileen Castillo: The Effects of Self-Affirmation on Racial Attitudes
Austin Hawks, Kiersten Cobb, Allison Weser, & Madalyn Owens: Self-Affirmation and Effects on LGBTQ Attitudes
Tara Cullum, Joslyn Bruenger, Bailey Beard, & Tiera Johnson: Self-Affirmation and Disability Attitudes


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