Dr. Mollie A. Price-Blackshear

Assistant Professor of Psychology

PSYC 3332: Research Methods

University of Central Arkansas

This course is designed to give students an introduction into scientific methodology and scientific report writing as applied to major problem areas in behavioral research.
Course Objectives:
  • Reflect on the function and purpose of the scientific method and psychological research
  • Recognize the inherent strengths and problems associated with experimental, non-experimental and quasi-experimental designs¬†
  • Develop an empirically testable hypothesis and critically evaluate the validity of other experiments
  • Describe ways to measure variables, issues in the measurement of variables, sources of extraneous variability, ways to control extraneous variability
  • Consider the ethical issues related to the conduct of research
  • Develop outlines and write drafts for a research proposal in APA format
  • Critically examine and consider research-related information in the media

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